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Introducing THE NEW Keller Mortgage Program for any buyer or seller that is being represented by a KW agent.

KW buyers pay no lender fees + they receive an extra $1,000 closing credit. Typical lender fees are 1–2%. On $300,000 that’s $3,000–$6,000; after another $1,000 credit that brings the total savings to $7,000, and the interest rate stays nice and LOW!
Buyers can use the savings to:
*Qualify for a higher loan amount
*Increase their down payment
*Improve their offer price
*Offset repairs
*Buy new furniture
*Pay moving expenses
Buyers can skip lender fees ONLY when working with a KW agent!
How does it work for Sellers?
The buyer who wants to buy your listing is also eligible for this loan, even if another real estate company represents that buyer! On a $300,000 loan that’s $4,000–$7,000 added to the transaction without touching the agents commission or the seller’s bottom line. This helps on price and inspection negotiations.
Consider this: If the buyer asks the seller to pay closing costs (most are lender fees), the seller can decline and simply direct the buyer to the “no lender fees + $1,000 credit” loan available on KW listings!
What types of Loans does Keller Mortgage do?  Conventions, Jumbo, FHA, VA & USDA