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If you’re renting and have a stable job with some savings, and a credit score in the high 600 range, you can likely qualify for FHA or conventional financing at historically low rates. The key question you need to consider is, of course, why are you still renting? Think about it for a moment. If your reason is fear, then it may be time to let go of that fear and focus on the facts of home ownership.

Purchasing your own home is a great investment that provides specific financial advantages, including equity buildup, value appreciation potential, and tax benefits. It’s also a forced savings plan that you cannot get from renting!

So, again, ask yourself if you can really afford to keep renting. Here is an example scenario.

Sheila’s $900 mortgage includes $700 of interest. Her total house payments are $10,800 annually. At the end of the year, $8,400 (12 months x $700) is tax deductible in the United States. She is in the 28 percent tax bracket, so her tax savings are $2,352 ($8,400 X .28).
Her actual housing costs for the year are $8,448 ($10,800 - $2,352). And Sheila has built $2,400 in equity.

Sheila’s friend Chris believes he “can’t afford” to buy. He pays $800 in rent each month.
Chris’s housing costs for the year are $9,600.
So, even though he thinks he’s saving money by renting, he actually spends about $1,150 more than Sheila–and he’s not building any equity!

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